globalmobility is one of Germany's newest service providers in the area of passenger transportation.

globalmobility is the legal successor of Pabst & Pabst GbR and travel & charterservice Pabst, having been founded on August 1, 2002.

Simultaneously, the trade mark "globalmobility" has been registered with the German Patent office.

Thus, the private company founded in 1998 was converted into a limited liability with all its inherent rights and obligations. As the company is still held by the founding family, it is self-explanatory for the shareholders Clarissa Pabst, Managing Director, Stefan Pabst, COO/Head of Operations, Anic Pabst and Lenny Pabst, both being silent partners, to adhere to the original creed and intending to develop globalmobility into a solid medium-size business.

Upon founding the brand name "globalmobility" and by implementing their corresponding concepts, over the past four years the enterprise realized to not only raise the company key figures (vehicles, order book and staff) but also yearly turn-over into the two-digit range.

These measures were supported by changing the structure in Germany and by generating 38 local outlets as well as expanding both within Europe and internationally.

These actions netted the company an advance in confidence and flexibility from their customers. Based on that fact it became necessary to split the official seat of business of the enterprise and to relocate the business unit of Sales & Dispatch onto new and larger premises.

globalmobility Limousine-, Chauffeur-, and Flight Service

Headoffice Hanau / Frankfurt / Germany