globalmobility is your partner in Germany and worldwide when it turns to flight service and business jets. We are able to provide a variety of aircrafts, from the Cessna for 4pax to the Boeing747 with 80 first class suites, from a helicopter for 6 passengers to an Airbus A310 for 280 pax. globalmobility is proud to organize your full charter requests no matter what. With transactions at over 1,200 airports in Europe alone we are your right partner for business jets.

As your reliable partner we can offer a first class service for any charter of modern and state-of-the-art business jets.
According to your individual requirements we offer the right aircraft type. The variety lasts from a compact business jet with 8 seats and a reach up to 3,000km to a business long-haul jet and a reach of 11,000km.
Do you want to travel hustle-free and arrive punctual for your business meeting or travel in style and relaxed, then use our exclusive business jet charter-service. In addition, we can transport urgent and important goods within Europe by business jet.
We would like to consult you on all business jets we can offer.